So-Tribe Youth Group meets on Wednesdays at 6:30pm

In So-Tribe Sr & Jr High student ministries we believe in something bigger than ourselves.  We believe in reaching a generation.  We believe that there is more to this generation than statistics.  Our name SO-TRIBE stands for a family and a community (TRIBE) that is made up of sold out (SO) warriors that are passionate about their faith and making an impact.  We are an arm of Open Bible Fellowship.  We live by the So-Tribe VOW:  spend time with God, talk with God, offer up to God and purpose your life for God.  When students leave to go to internships, college or wherever God calls them, they take the VOW with them.

We believe

>mankind is sinful and in desperate need of saving
>God through His love and mercy sent His son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins
>Jesus is the only way to heaven
>in the Holy Spirit and all the gifts that come with Him
>in every single young person that walks through the doors of SO-TRIBE and we will invest our lives and resources into their development and call in Christ Jesus

SO-TRIBE Mission Statement
Leading a generation in passionate pursuit of God and training students to relentlessly engage their everyday mission field with the gospel.


Youth Events

Activity Release Form

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